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punta chimino

A Maya city and a lodge.

posada de mateo

Chimino’s Island Lodge was founded 14 years ago by John and Aurora Schmidt, two ecological and archaeological enthusiasts who named the lodge Posada de Mateo, as it was known until recently.


archeological site

Today, the site is taken care of by an ecologically conscious team committed to preserve the jungle and the archaeological site and to provide the tourist a close encounter with these two marvels that blend perfectly together.

royal family

Although there are vestiges of occupation since 600 B.C., the site flourished in the Terminal Post-Classic Era. It is believed that a royal family from a nearby city settled the island and lived there, built the usual buildings found in Mayan cities: the royal palace, ceremonial pyramids and even a ball court, evidence of this royal heritage. 

excavations & national geographic

The Petexbatún Region has recently received great attention by archaeologists due to its role in the explanation of the collapse of the Mayan Civilization, source of a myriad of hypothesis. The prestigious National Geographic has sponsored and documented in its February 1993 edition, under the title: “The Violent Saga of the Maya Kingdom”, their discoveries in the region describing the findings on the Mayas of Punta de Chimino and other nearby Mayan cities.

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